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Frequently Asked Questions

20 April 2023

About the Q4Bio Supported Challenge Program 

How many teams and awards will be funded?

We envision a maximum of 12 proposals selected for funding in Phase 1; all selections will be merit-based.

How much is the funding per team?

Maximum funding amount per team for each phase of the program is outlined in the section Format of Wellcome Leap’s Quantum for Bio Supported Challenge Program.

Is the Program open to applicants from outside the United States and UK?

Yes, it is open to applicants around the world.

Is the Program open to applicants who are not a part of the Wellcome Leap Health Breakthrough Network?

Yes, it is open to all applicants. Should your proposal be selected for funding, as the first step of putting in place a contract, the PI’s organization will need to sign the Master Academic Research Funding Agreement (MARFA) or Commercial Research Funding Agreement (CORFA). Please see the Master Research Funding Agreement page for more information and learn how to become a member.

What is the working model or program structure of Wellcome Leap programs?

Performers are from universities and research institutions: small, medium and large companies (including venture-backed); and government or non-profit research organizations. Our programs are actively led and orchestrated by a Program Director who adjusts, iterates, and directs teams throughout the different phases of the program.

Who can I contact if I have a question about the Q4Bio program?

Send an email with your question to

Application process

Is there a specific format for Wellcome Leap program applications?

Please see the full proposal template and guidelines for format guidance.

Is the online application portal the only way to provide a submission?


Is it possible to have multiple applicants on a submission?

Yes. Multiple collaborators can be on a single submission, but only the Principal Investigator (PI) will be able to submit the application on the portal.

Is it necessary to form a consortium when applying?

All teams should have cross disciplinary expertise in biology/health and quantum algorithms when submitting the full proposals. Quantum hardware expertise is not required for the initial proposal submission, but will be required in order to be considered for Phase 3. We encourage teams with expertise in one or two of the research thrust areas and who are interested in finding teams with complementary expertise, to participate in the Expression of Partnering Interest.

What are the eligible costs?

Full direct and government-certified indirect costs appropriate to the execution of the research, are eligible.

Can you have multiple submissions?


Am I able to edit my submission once submitted?


When will I receive feedback on my submission?

Please see the program page for the program timeline.

May I still submit a full proposal if I receive a recommendation to not submit on my abstract feedback?


How do I register for the application portal?

Visit the Q4Bio program page on the application portal, click on the “Register” button and follow the steps. If you encounter any issues, please review the application portal FAQ.

How do I reset my password?

Please review the application portal FAQ.

Review process

Will my idea be treated as confidential during the review process?

Please see the program page for confidentiality of submission details.

What is the review process?

Please see the program page for information on the review process in each round.

Stay tuned for updates from Leap.

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