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$40M + $10M PROGRAM


What if we could develop new algorithms that deliver quantum advantage for health?
Quantum for Bio (Q4Bio) is a $40M +$10M Supported Challenge Program aimed at accelerating the applications of quantum computing in human health. The program is focused on identifying, developing, and demonstrating biology and health applications that will benefit from the quantum computers expected to emerge in the next 3-5 years. The Q4Bio Supported Challenge Program seeks to co-develop health applications and new quantum computing algorithms that would enable early optimizations with emerging hardware systems.

The ultimate goal is to demonstrate the potential of quantum computing in solving critical health challenges.

Up to $40M in research funding will be awarded to multidisciplinary, multiorganizational teams comprising health, quantum software, and quantum hardware expertise, and up to $10M in challenge prizes will be available at the end of the program for successful demonstrations on quantum devices with a clear path to scaling to large quantum systems.


A $2M prize will be awarded for each team that successfully demonstrates an experimental realization of their application on a quantum computer with more than 50 qubits and a program depth of O(103-104) and a clear path to scaling to larger quantum computers. A $5M grand prize will be awarded to one team that successfully executes their algorithm on a quantum computer using quantum resources that fit into the target resources box in Fig. 1 (see program details page). In case there is more than one team that achieves this goal, the team of experts that perform the final evaluation will award the grand prize to the team whose application is deemed to be most significant for advancing human health.

Program Director.

Dr. Shihan Sajeed
Shihan Sajeed, PhD has expertise in Quantum Information Science. He earned his Ph.D. from the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, specializing in quantum optics. He played a crucial role in advancing Canadian quantum capability, driving the development and application of quantum technology while at the Canadian Department of National Defence. Recently, he co-founded a start-up dedicated to developing quantum-enhanced remote sensing solutions. With a diverse background spanning academia, industry, and government, Shihan brings a uniquely comprehensive perspective to the forefront of quantum technology advancement.

Further details.

To learn more about the program history, performer teams, and process, please visit the Program Details Page.

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